Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Experiences So Far With This Fibro Thing

Hmm, let's talk about fibromyalgia. This has been my worst week so far. The pain is gnawing at me, the Tramadol isn't working, And to top it off, more anxiety to flare my symptoms! I also think my depression is affecting my fibro symptoms, especially my cognitive abilities. Don't you hate it when you sound dumb because you just can't string your words together to make an understandable thought????

Actually, it has been a painful few weeks. Stair walking is a challenge. Long car rides are excruciating, and walking the poor doggie gets done when I feel up to it...which hasn't been very much lately.I feel like a 99 year old. My joints and muscles hurt. My fingers are painful and stiff. I am exhausted most of the time, but CANNOT sleep at night...ever!

I called my provider's office to make an appointment to discuss my symptoms. After three days and a call back to her office, she had a staff member to tell me that she was mailing me a referral to rheumatology for chronic pain. I was told that the doctor didn't address whether or not she would see me urgently. So, I decided to get a jump on finding a providers in my neck of the woods. That was an experience! I called several offices who either didn't do widespread pain appointments, only spinal injection or they don't treat fibromyalgia patients. I was literally told that in order for the receptionist to make an appointment for me, I would have to have another reason for my pain. I'm feeling some discrimination going on here!

I finally found a pain management center in my office, which is run by an anesthesiologist. I have an appointment for next Thursday. I hope to come home with a clear understanding of how I will be treated and a hope that things will get better. Fingers crossed!

Hopefully I will be able to share some things that make me feel better because behind all of this drama, I am still a girly girl!