Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Seriously??? You're going to treat me like that?!

I know. I'm quite inconsistent with this blog thing. But what had happened was...

I have been going back and forth with Endometriosis pain and had settled my mind that this is what I has going to have to deal with. No biggie, some days are just going to be days of incapacitation. I got this! Until i realized that I have been feeling very achy and my migraines had started again after a five year hiatus. But hell, being achy was something that for as long as I can remember, I have been experiencing, Well, the headaches and body pain, not to mention crushing fatigue after running normal errand began to take over my life. I couldn't even go to my fave store... Target! If I did, I would have hell to pay and my bed would be my friend for a few days.

I was depressed and a new symptom popped up; anxiety! I felt like a basket case. So off to the Internet I went, looking up my symptoms. What I came up with? Fibromyalgia. At the time, I was under the care of an HMO, who would brush me off and say shit like "well, you're getting older" "You should use a little weight and exercise" What they didn't seem to understand was that I, as a 43 yer old, should not feel twice my age when getting out of bed in the morning and I damn sure shouldn't have searing pain when my feet hit the floor. That is not normal aging! Screw y'all!

In January, I changed my insurance to a PPO and met a wonderful doc who off the bat agreed with me and said it sounded like I was describing Fibro. She did labs for Lyme and b12. My tests came back normal, so the doc went over the tender points test with me. Voila! A Fibromyalgia diagnosis. I felt so relieved! I felt vindicated because I knew I wasn't wrong and this was definitely not normal aging. I was started on Duloxetine by my psych nurse practitioner, and my primary doctor agreed with that. I was also having spasms at my right shoulder and neck, so my doctor did prescribe Tramadol.

I am still having pain. Some days are better than others. Today, not so much. I have the heating pad around my shoulders as we speak and I have taken my Tramadol. This is gonna be an uphill climb. But I have no choice but to strap on my hiking shoes.