Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Disability, Social Security, and Those Who Have F%$#ed It Up For Us!

So. I spoke with a representative from the Social Security Administration Disability Determination division. Why is it that speaking to these people make you feel like you are on the spot? Why does it scare me to let these people know that I need help in order to get better? I know how bad I feel, but why am I intimidated because I may have to see a doctor that they contract to see if I am truly unable to work?

It's because I feel like my life is in their hands! They have the power to say yay or nay as to whether or not I will get the government help I need. And, I have to wait months to possible hear no. That is pressure! I think that I am hating on people who worked the system and made it bad for those of u who really need help. Those who have faked their way to a government payment so much, that we have to go through a firing squad to get what we legitimately need. I am hating on those who are sitting at home, getting all of the benefits that we need, and nothing is wrong with them! They get section 8 or public housing and can get their asses up and go to work and pay for these things when we truly cannot and have to wait years for these benefits because they have clogged the system.

Well the wait begins. And my life is on hold. And I could still be told no. And I'm scared.