Saturday, November 3, 2012


I thought I was doing something today! I got up early...for me, and ran to the post office, did some shopping,  and filled the gas tank. Hell! I even polished my nails!!! Cool, I was able to do the little things that I wanted to do this morning. I was even able to come home and begin the monstrous task of organizing my closet. Now, you don't understand. I always say that my closet is a representation of what my like is like. It is a disaster! Dirty laundry on the floor, shoes just thrown here and there, body products squeezed on shelves wherever they can fit. I have been saying for over a year that I was gonna fix that mess. Well today, I was able to put a tiny dent in the mess. I felt so good about myself. Then, all of a sudden, I hit that wall of exhaustion and all I could do was take a nap. I couldn't even hold my eyes open to watch a YouTube beauty video ( my favorite thing to do!)

I am just waking up and by the grace of God, I have an energy spurt. Right now, I've decided to ride the energy wave and get some laundry done. I am cramping some now from carrying the heavy bag down to the laundry room, but in typical me fashion, I'm gonna ignore that until I get it done. Then I guess I'll be wiped out for the rest of the evening. Crap, I still have homework to do! Oh, well. It'll get done... at the last minute. And dinner?... Every man for himself!